Designer bedsheets crafted expertly by artisans all over India holds a niche among numerous Indian households. Imagine the ecstasy the receivers get on opening the gift to realize that they have been gifted a unique, handcrafted bedsheet for their private living quarters! It will not only invoke nostalgia but also instill the belief that they are cared for.

Sanganeri bedsheet

The Sanganeri Print is visible from small flower motifs like stylized sunflowers, narcissuses, roses, and other flowers of luxuriant foliage like daturas, rudrakshas, and arkas. On Sanganeri ‘chintz’ (printed cloth) usually, yellow, green blue (with different tones) are used as the background.Various floral designs, geometrical and God figures are included in its prints. Sometimes, folk designs are also found. Finesse in flowers-petal designs, curves and delicacy are the prime specialties of Sanganer prints.

Hand printed Jaipuri Razai

Jaipur is famous for many artistic products and Jaipuri Razai tops on the list. Jaipuri Razai or “The Quilt of Jaipur”, is an exquisite style of quilt making which includes many forms of artistic integration at various levels of its production.We, at Jaipuri Razai, are glad to introduce ourselves as a cluster of artisans who make some wonderful hand block printed home  furnishings and home decor items. Jaipuri Razai is one of our most cherished products that is well sought after around the globe for its intrinsic qualities as well as its aesthetic values

Hand Printed with the age old slow process of carved wood block printing, our Jaipuri Razai is stuffed with export quality cotton. The outer layer fabric is pure cotton voile, which is breathable, soft, and snugly. Once you get in, it will be really difficult for you to come out of it.

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