The quest for a sustainable environment has led us to discover many innovative and green products. The necessity for paper and a greener world was the mother of handmade paper. Besides being 100% wood-free, it is also 100% recycled from vegetable matter, old ropes, canvas and linen. Handmade paper, in addition to writing and printing, can also be used as a decorative product because of its elegant texture.

Handmade Paper Bag

We offer handmade paper bags, that serve various purposes. Available in different sizes, these environmental friendly bags are adorned with matching handles. These spacious bags, can be carried in market places to experience enjoyable shopping. Dew design papers are a new addition to our range of innovative handmade papers. Different patterns are made on top of normal bond or silk handmade paper with the help of foil printing giving an embossed patterns in either gold or silver colors. These fabulous papers are perfect for handmade paper crafts, scrap books, invitations and announcements, cards, lampshades, notebooks covers and whatever else you can dream of .  We offer customization in terms of printing, paper, size and color.

Dairy & Frame

We present a collection of note books, made from handmade paper while keeping in mind your daily requirements. Intricate designs and environment friendly material give our notebook an unique look. Available in different sizes, colour and patterns our range notebooks are a perfect gift for all occasions & value for your money, handmade paper notebook, handcrafted paper notebooks, paper notebooks suppliers india, handmade paper notebooks suppliers, handmade paper notebook suppliers, handmade notebooks manufacturers, handmade notebook exporters india. Our notebooks are light in weight and easy to carry. With quality sheets inside, they are an essential item for every student.

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