Handkala Story, A unique marketplace with a vision and direction to surface the beautiful hidden treasures of the magnificent world of handmade products. that started its journey on 21th June 2017 wants to revolutionize the handmade and handicrafts trade. With the artisans & creators can surface their work, Display, Sell & buy online on a platform of such Niche exclusive items from around the world, for the world. We offer a plethora of products to choose from redesign or decorate your homes with the diverse handmade products to choose from or gift your dear ones a customized handmade piece. The buyer can get an ultimate bouquet of unique handmade items created by some highly passionate handcraft artists. Artisans on work on  various raw materials like Ceramic, Wood, Paper, Wrought Iron, Glass, Cork which are not only a visual treat but at the same time a pure reflection of the Passion of the Artist which has made him / her to create such  beautiful piece of Art.  Take pride in owning a Handmade product that showcases the skills of local Artisans. is your exclusive online destination for all things which is Handmade.

Preserving the culture and art

Over the years, HandKala has expanded its reach to bring more rural communities into its fold. The local folk have inherited it from their forefathers. In the absence of any incentives to continue the art, these communities were not in a position promote it among future generations. With time, the unique art would have been lost to the world. With HandKala stepping in, the fear of various art forms dying an unnatural death has been curbed. HandKala strives to save their identity from getting lost in the long run

How it began

In the absence of any other significant income earning opportunity for the rural women of HnadKala, it became imperative to provide them with a source of livelihood. HandKala gave these women the to earn for themselves and their families. Economic empowerment of women as a precursor to their social empowerment helped in improving their status, both socially and economically.

Economic Benefits:

  • Artisans are earning a monthly income of Rs 500 to Rs 11,000 depending on the hours they work at home or the centre, their skill level and design difficulty. The idea is to ensure that the women can work at their pace and in their homes while managing their household.
  • Around 150 families are benefited from this rise in income levels. With the average family size in HandKala being 5 to 7 members, HandKala has helped improve the economic condition of around 900 people directly.
  • HandKala plans to reach over a 5,00 women over a span of four years, which means it would potentially affect 8,00-10,00 people.
  • With improved skills and the enhanced capabilities, HandKala has helped the rural women to become financially stable and self sustainable.

Social benefits:

  • Women’s role in decision making, both at home and in their village has increased, as they have become financially independent.
  • They have become agents of change in the village.
  • Various exposure visits to related works and work sites have increased their outlook of life. It has boosted their self-confidence.
  • The outlook of the villagers towards their women has undergone a major change. They get more respect from the family members as well as from the members of the village.
  • As women get work at their doorstep, they are in a better position to balance their family, social and work life. They can devote time for their household chores as well as take care of the family while working from out of home. HandKala has successfully enhanced as well as helped to maintain the social fabric of the village.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

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